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Baby Gates for Stairs or Rooms

After receiving the following question from a follower, I have put together a few options that might work. For those of you who have the same problem or need a gate for any other reason, you might find these links helpful! Good luck

Option 1. Great Retractable Mesh Baby Gate Mesh

34" Tall

Extends up to 71" Wide

Easy to install and remove or replace

Regular Price: Black $70 White $130

Sale Price: Black $63 White $100

Option 2. Similar to option 1 just cheaper version if your stairway opening isn't greater than 54" wide.

Regular Price: $69

Sale Price: $46

Option 3.

Prettier look!

31" Tall

Matte Bronze

Fits openings up to 47.85" Wide

Regular Price: $55 Sale Price: $46

Option 4.

If you really want to go really cheap, get this stylish banister gate for just $20! Can't advise you on set up though...

See for yourself!

download (1).png
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