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Best Deals on Sukkah Beds

Folding Beds & Blow up Mattresses are pretty expensive and with all Sukkos expenses as is, this is another dig in the wallet!

We therefore put together the best deals we found, for your convenience.

We will keep adding additional deals if and when they come up, so stay tuned!

Option 4:

Standard folding bed through Amazon

Includes Bed frame & Mattress

Special deal $120 (Reg $150)

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Option 3:

intelliBASE Lightweight Easy Set Up Bi-Fold Platform Metal Bed Frame, Twin through Ebay

If you've got the mattress and just need the frame, this is for you.

Easy to fold and store away. Great space saver

Price: 35.99

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Option 2:

Folding Portable Camping Bed Military Sleeping Hiking Camping Guest Travel Cot through Ebay

Lightweight & Compact

Price $39.99

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Option 1:

Inflatable Mattress with Built in Electric Pump through Ebay.

Dimensions: 98L x 28W x 9D

Price $28.82

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If you know of any other deal on beds and would like to share, please send it to US.

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