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🚨 ENDS NOW! The-All-Purpose-Knife-Replacement only $8.69

Mezzaluna Knife Salad Chopper - Multipurpose Made from Stainless Steel | Ideal for Home, Restaurant Kitchens For Slicing Meat, Vegetable, Pizza

Valid Until 9/3/20 11:59 pm with Promo Code 70VGVD8T

  • CHOP LIKE A PRO – Your new Mezzaluna Chopper is the only cutting utensil you’ll ever need to prepare your signature dishes like the savant you truly are! Our chopper’s ergonomic design provides a balanced feel and ideal grip for faster and more efficient chopping.

  • SEAMLESS CUTTING – Our creation is constructed with high-quality double blades with optimal sharpness and cutting angle for a quicker and impeccable cutting experience. Rock it back and forth to achieve the desired slices for your herbs, meats, nuts, and vegetables with just a single sway of your wrist.

  • BUILT TO LAST – You now have an efficient kitchen companion that will last a lifetime. Each of Fuegos BBQ’s Mezzaluna choppers is made from high-quality stainless steel for exceptional toughness as well as resistance to corrosion and chemical damage.

  • VERSATILE & MULTIPURPOSE – No need to switch between different types of knives. Your new chopper works great for dicing, chopping, and slicing herbs, vegetables, and even pizza! You can even use it to chop your salads in a bowl.

  • EASY TO CLEAN – After cooking your favorite dish, it’s a hassle to wash multiple knives. Save time with Fuegos BBQ’s chopper for all your slicing needs! Simply run it through soapy water then wipe dry.

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