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Lego Chicken Coop Set $11.39 $̶1̶9̶

Includes: 20 chicks, chicken coop & crate with eggs

Use Promo 40O7DRVS

A strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) was first reported in the US on February 8 and has now been reported at commercial poultry farms in eight US states and affected nearly 8 million chickens and turkeys. A further acceleration of HPAI case counts and depopulation totals in the coming weeks could cause domestic chicken prices to jump. With Pesach coming up and the high demand for chicken, prices will escalade with every passing day. As per the Poultry Dept Manager @ one of Brooklyn's large supermarkets, Customers are urged to stock up on chicken now, before the mad rush. Prices will increase along with the demand.

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