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Motion Sensor Night Light $7.20 (Reg $23.99)

GUANZHI Night Light LED Night Light 18xLED Built-in 650mAh Lithium Battery+Dual USB Charging Interface Lamp with Magnetic for Cabinet, Camping, Reading and Working(Warm Lligh 3000K)

Valid Until 9/21/20 with Promo Code 70WWAK5M

  • Motion Sensor automatic switch

  • 650mAh lithium battery, long battery life

  • 3000K warm light, protect your eyes

  • Non-flickering and Glaring Light for the Kids Bedroom Decor, Kitchen, Toilet, Hallway, Stair: Motion detector night light is built with a light diffuser and guiding plate that prevent light flicker and harsh glare, protecting you against eye fatigue and irritation, you will feel relaxed and comfortable during the warm/yellow lighting.

  • Energy Efficient USB Night Light Indoor: Requires costs less than 25 cents a year to operate. Based on 12 hours of usage per day and 0.11/kWh. Long lifespan is up to 50000H. Every time you buy, you will enjoy the fast and convenient FBA service. We offer 12 month warranty, or 30 day money back guarantee!

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