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Pesach Essentials

Dear ClickDealz Member,

Our #1 mission is to bring you quality Deals at discounted rates, all year long. Especially now, with our hectic preparations and expensive shopping sprees, it is all the more important to maximize every dollar.

What greater saving is there, more than saving precious and much needed time?

Therefore, we have utilized our time so you don't need to. Stock up on your Yom Tov essentials with a simple click. If there is anything else you are still missing and would like us to help you out, please reach out to us! This is what we are here for :)

Yours Truly,


Pre-Pesach Preps

10pk Pesachdig Label Stickers $12.35

20pk Chametz Cabinet Stickers $9

2pk Kosher Removable Tape $21.95

Leaves No Sticky Residue

18pk Passover Labels $6

Oven Proof, Freezable, Microwaveable and Dishwasher Safe Stickers

Bedikat Chametz Set $5.49

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Table Decor

White Fitted Rectangle Table Cover $5

Perfect for that extra Pesach Layer! No slipping or moving around!

Vinyl Lace Tablecloth with Elegant, Vintage Floral Design $13

Faux Linen Tablecloth with Lace Trim $22.50

Waterproof/Spill Proof/Stain Resistant/Wrinkle Free/Oil Proof

Make sure to clip the 10% Coupon!

12" Seder Plate, Single or multi-pack $14.95/pc

13" Traditional Silver Disposable Seder Plate $8.49

10pk 13" Traditional Silver Disposable Seder plates $29

14" Seder Plate $17

25pc Disposable Pesach Plate for Kids $13

Stainless Steel Netilat Yadayim Cup $22

Elegant Ceramic Marble Design Salt & Pepper Shaker $12

20pk Matzah Design Napkins $10

Elegant Passover Paper Goods Set $16:

  • 12 Disposable Paper Plates

  • 12 Cups

  • 20 Napkins

44pc Disposable Paper Plates, Cups & Napkins $19

Matzah Design Party Set, Serves 12 $15

Includes: 9" & 7" Plates Cups & Napkins

24pk Matzah Design Napkins $7

Acrylic Flip Top Matzah Box $17

Foldable Matzoh Basket $7

3pk 12 x 12” ורחץ Embroidered Hand Towels $27

Glass Charoset Set $16

Yom Tov Necessities

Artscroll Machzorim: Hebrew & English Set $313

  • 5 Volume

  • Pocket Size

  • Nusach Ashkenaz

10pc Plagues Face Mask $10

10pk Matzah Design Face Masks $10

Single Matzah Design Face Mask $8

Pesach Kitchen Apron $17

Matzah Design Mouse Pad $12.83

Pesach Activities

10pc Plagues of Egypt Cartoon Glasses $8

Fits all Ages

Cute Ten Plague Vinyl Finger Puppets $13

Let My People Go! Passover Game $15

Canvas Art Kit For Pesach $8.49

(Includes Canvas, Paint, and Glitter)

Who Am I? A Passover Headbands Guessing Game $14

Pesach Song Download $0.99

Soft Seder Plate Set for Kids $30

10pc Plastic Play Seder Set $13

Pesach Memory Card Game $12

Pass-O-Four Passover Game $15


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